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Piano concertos | Chamber music

Piano solo


  J. S. Bach Chaconne in D minor (Busoni), from Partita for solo violin No.2 BWV 1004
    Prelude and Fugue for Organ BWV 543 in A minor (Liszt)
    English Suite No.5 BWV810 in E minor
    French Suite No.3 BWV 814 in B minor
    Italian Concerto BWV 971 in F major
    Well-Tempered Clavier (selection)
  D. Scarlatti Sonata in C minor L360 K22
    Sonata in D minor L366 K1
  J. Haydn Sonata Hb XVI:23 in F major
    Sonata Hb XVI:32 in B minor
    Sonata Hb XVI:46 in Aflat major
  W. A. Mozart Sonata K.283 in G major
    Sonata K.310 in A minor
    Sonata K.330 in C major
    Sonata K.331 in A major
    Sonata K.332 in F major
  L. v. Beethoven Sonata op.02 no.1 in F minor
    Sonata op.10 no.2 in F major
    Sonata op.13 in C minor
    Sonata op.26 in Aflat major
    Sonata op.31 no.1 in G major
    Sonata op.31 no.2 in D minor
    Sonata op.57 in F minor
    Sonata op.90 in E minor
    Sonata op.110 in Aflat major
    Sonata op.111 in C minor
    32 Variations WoO 80 in C minor
  F. Schubert Impromptus D 899 op. 90
    Impromptus D 935 op. posth. 142
    Sonata D 958 in C minor
    Wanderer Fantasy D 760 in C major
  F. Hensel Songs Without Words (Selection)
  F. Mendelssohn–Bartholdy Fantasy op.28 in Fsharp minor
    Prelude and Fugue op.35 no.1 in E minor
    Rondo capriccioso op.14 in E minor
    Songs Without Words (Selection)
    Variations sérieuses op.54 in D minor
  R. Schumann Variations on the name "Abegg" op.1
    Fantasy pieces op.12 (selection)
    Novelettes op.21 (selection)
    Sonata op.11 in Fsharp minor
  F. Chopin Ballade no.1 op.23 in G minor
    Ballade no.3 op.47 in Aflat major
    Etudes op.10 and op.25 (selection)
    Fantaisie–Impromptu op.posth. 66 in Csharp minor
    Mazurkas op.30
    Nocturnes Op.09, Op.32, Op.48 and Op.72
    Nocturne op. posth. in Csharp minor
    Polonaise op.26 no.2 in Eflat minor
    Preludes op.28
    Scherzo no.1 op.20 in B minor
    Scherzo no.3 op.39 in Csharp minor
    Valses op.64 and op.69
    Valse op. posth. in E minor
  F. Liszt Après une Lecture du Dante: Fantasia Quasi Sonata
    Ballade no.2 in B minor
    Etudes (selection)
    Hungarian Rhapsody no.6 in Dflat major
    Schubert Song Transcription – Erlkoenig
    Schubert Song Transcription – Schwanengesang (selection)
    Schubert Song Transcription – Der Wanderer
    Sonata in B minor
    Tre sonetti di Petrarca
  C. Schumann Preludes and Fugues op.16
    Variations on a theme of Robert Schumann op.20
  B. Smetana Czech Dances I and II (selection)
    Polkas from the 1850s - Polka in A major
    Sketches op.4 no.1 - Prelude
  J. Brahms Three Intermezzi Op.117
  C. Saint-Saëns Album Op.72
  P. Tchaikovsky
The Seasons Op. 37b
  E. Chabrier Bourée Fantasque
  G. Fauré Nocturne Op.33 Nr.1
  C. Debussy Image I
    L'Isle Joyeuse
  F. Pfohl Hagbart. Nordic Rhapsody after a theme by E. Grieg
    Pictures at the Seaside op.8
    Suite Élégiaque op.11
  A. Skrjabin Etudes op.8 and op.42 (selection)
  C. Ives Five Take-Offs
  M. Ravel Jeux d’eau
  A. Berg Sonata op.1
  S. Prokofjew Four Pieces op.4 – Suggestion diabolique
    Sonata no.1 op.1 in F minor
    Sonata no.3 op.28 in A minor
    Ten Pieces from Romeo and Juliet op.75 (selection)
  V. Ullmann Sonata no.6 Op.49
  D. Shostakovich
Three Fantastic Dances Op. 5
  C. Nancarrow Prelude and Blues
  L. Bernstein Anniversaries (selection)
  G. Ligeti Etude no.5 “Arc en ciel”
    Etude no.6 “Automne á Varsovie”
  W. Hader Passacaglia ex E
  L. Liebermann Gargoyles op.29


Piano concertos


  W. A. Mozart Concerto no.09 KV 271 in Eflat major „Jeunhomme”
    Concerto no.21 KV 467 in C major
  L. v. Beethoven Concerto no.1 op.15 in C major
    Concerto no.3 op.37 in C minor
    Concerto no.5 op.73 in Eflat major
  R. Schumann Concerto op.54 in A minor
  F. Chopin Concerto no.1 op.11 in E minor
  F. Liszt Concerto no.2 in A major
  P. Tchaikovsky
Concerto no.1 in Bflat minor
  S. Rachmaninoff Concerto no.3 op.30 in D minor
  P. Schoenfield Four Parables


Chamber music


  J. S. Bach Sonata for flute and continuo in G minor BWV 1020
    Sonata for flute and continuo in E minor BWV 1034
    Sonata for violin and clavier BWV 1018 in F minor
  W. A. Mozart Piano Quartet K.478 in G minor
  L. v. Beethoven Sonata in A minor for piano and violin op.23
    Sonata in F major for piano and violin op.24
    Sonata in G major for piano and violin op.30 no.3
    Sonata in G minor for piano and violoncello op.5 no.2
  J. Woelfl Grande Sonata for piano and violin in D minor op.68
  F. Schubert Sonata in A major for piano and violin D 574
    Piano Trio no.1 D 898 op.99 in Bflat major
    Piano Trio no.2 D 929 op.100 in Eflat major
  F. Mendelssohn–Bartholdy Piano Trio no.1 op.49 in D minor
    Piano Trio no.2 op.66 in C minor
  R. Schumann Three Romances for oboe and piano op.94
    Adagio and Allegro for horn and piano op. 70
    Piano quintet op.44 in E-flat major
  C. Franck Sonata for piano and violin in A major
  J. Brahms Sonata for violin and piano no.2 in A major op.100
    Piano quintet op.34 in F minor
  A. Dvorak Piano quintet op.81 in A major
  C. Debussy Sonata for cello and piano in D minor
  A. Caplet Rêverie et Petite Valse for flute and piano
  B. Martinu Sonatina for clarinet and piano H.356
  S. Prokofiev Sonata for violin and piano op.94 in D major
  P. Hindemith Sonata for viola and piano op.11 no.4
  A. Jolivet Chant de Linos for flute and piano
  J. Corigliano Sonata for violin and piano



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